with the new development coins for madden 18

First, with the new development strategy of Wuxi city adjustment, easy to coins for madden 18 play the high-end positioning advantages, actively cooperate with Wuxi to meet the coins for madden 18 requirements of this tourist city. Last July, the Ministry of transport and other seven ministries jointly issued “Interim Measures for online booking Taxi Business coins for madden 18 Management > (hereinafter referred to as the” New Deal “), require the applicant from things about the car business platform, should ability service with online and coins for madden 18.In December 30, 2016, Wuxi formally implemented the new car for the first time about net, net about car platform included in the scope of regulation. In order to more coins for madden 18, orderly operation, and the protection of passengers, the interests of owners, as well as with SXC travel integration “accelerate” coins on madden mobile demand, easy to submit coins for madden 18 materials to the traffic control department of Wuxi city later, actively cooperate with the audit departments. After strict examination, the indicators are in line coins for madden 18 the requirements of easy to smooth over the trial, finally in July 7th was from Wuxi city issued “network booking taxi license. According to a report, before coins for madden 18, Wuxi city is easy to carry out the network about driver buy madden mobile coins activities sure, the driver, the vehicle platform, strict implementation of local network about the coins for madden 18 car, to achieve compliance operations.

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