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precipitated the Internet to help its complete financial dreams

US corporations now face financing difficulties,Albion Online Gold such as their own is called “non-existent” or as people in the industry said “burn dilemma”?

Three pillars vacant

US group’s dilemma is not unilateral,Tera Gold but the result of multiple factors working together.

Commissions, advertising, use of funds precipitation do Internet banking, the US group is the dream of the three pillars of income, but also the US group now most likely source of income, but in fact, these three pillars is almost vacant, become the dream castle in the air, the US group and No shines into reality.

Third, the large four-line market fall, is the beginning of a nightmare for the US group. Third and fourth tier cities are traditional strengths US group where is it to maintain a high pumping into the granary, but now it is being Huoshaolianying, BAT strong incoming, especially Baidu Howard hit 20 billion to support rice beachhead, leading the US delegation tradition territory being eroded, forage unsustainable.

Business models exist significant shortcomings, it is fatal to the United States Mission. US group the main business of high-frequency, low viscosity is user price-sensitive market. US corporations rely on subsidies to World War II, the market share of subsidized competition acquired by blood transfusion is not stable, the lack of sufficient customer loyalty, once the subsidy is less than its competitors, the user will no lingering deserted. Baidu, Ali incoming first aim is the beauty of this part of the high-frequency group price-sensitive users.

The same is due to low user stickiness, the platform value of the US group’s imagination is limited space, even walking advertising model, there are also very difficult.

HFT brings huge amounts of precipitation funds, has a potential goldmine US corporations dreams. Huge amounts of money precipitated the financial cornerstone of the Internet, as well as initial support from Ali empire foundation. Account for up to half of the period, indeed for GMV tens of billions of US group to provide huge amounts of money precipitated the Internet to help its complete financial dreams. Unfortunately, this dream now also borders on nothing.

Recently Baidu, public comment and other competitors to win customers tend to be more real time arrival T + 0, which is equivalent to the United States directly off the posterior group, making capital precipitation vanish into thin air. If you dare to sail the US group, continue to follow the old T + N, and nothing short of their user base to competitors embrace push share continued fall of the US delegation categorically did not dare to take the risk.

Even worse is that there is no traffic behind US group support, the public comment Tencent, glutinous Baidu, the two never in danger of traffic. Although the US group Ali investment, but as Ali investor group but did not provide any traffic to US support, but at the end of June to restart invested 6 billion of mouth network, obviously meaning the expense of abandoning the US group.

NFL Faces Slew Of Concussion Related Lawsuits In Federal Court

NFL Faces Slew Of Concussion Related Lawsuits In Federal Court

More than eighty lawsuits have been filed in a US federal court against the National Football League. Those suits all accuse the league of hiding key information from the players, past and present that head trauma increases the risk of permanent and serious brain injury. Those suits are being consolidated into a single master complaint according to a spokesman.

According to the court documents that have been filed. more than two thousand former players, some current players, a number of spouses and other relatives are part of the suit, bringing the total number to over three thousand. Included in those numbers are the widows of several former players who have died as a direct result of their football related injuries. Those plaintiffs are demanding that the NFL be held responsible for the care of players who are suffering from a wide range of mental deficits including dementia and other neurological issues. Some of the players have admitted that they do not have any current symptoms, however there are serious worries that they might have issues in the future. Those asymptomatic players are asking for medical monitoring so that any signs of cognitive decline can be caught early.

In addition, the suit contends that the league made light of some of these concerns while at the same time glorifying the rampant violence that has been steadily increasing over the past few decades. Recently uncovered bounties where some players were encouraged and rewarded for injuries against opponents have only increased some of those concerns.

The NFL contends that it should be obvious that there are inherent dangers to taking blows to the head, however, the league also says that there are many medical benefits for the players including joint replacement treatment and more. Neurological evaluation and treatment is also included in that medical care. The players also receive long term care insurance and prescription assistance.

In brain exams of athletes including former football players, hockey players and other athletes, the effects of repeated blows to the head is frighteningly obvious. But, even doctors were completely shocked when they saw the extent of damage in the brain of a teen athlete. While the NFL has insisted that it has done all that it can to protect players, others worry that there may be little that can be done to truly protect the head and neck from devastating injuries that can arise from even a single hit to the head.

The helmet maker, Riddell Incorporated has also been named as a defendant in the landmark lawsuit.