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The government claims that 2.3 million of the 6 million fifa 18 coins will vote, 90% of which will vote for independence. The Madrid central government tried to invalidate it and fifa 18 coins to end the election by confiscating the voting form, arresting the independent leader, closing the electoral website. Catalonia’s unacceptable independent vote is reminiscent fifa 18 coins the 2014 Scottish referendum, although the real development now looks far apart. A few years ago I traveled to Barcelona and met an fifa coins parade on the street. A fifa 18 coins of high-banner banners and faces with unofficial national banners said they returned from the University of Edinburgh and had witnessed the referendum in Scotland fifa 18 coins regarded it as their “people” to pursue independence. Approved the referendum of the former British Prime hut coins Cameron – despite the current approval of the fifa 18 coins referendum ended the prime minister career – to become a lot of Catalans in the eyes of the hero. The Scottish referendum is seen as a precedent of dignity and reason for fifa 18 coins central government’s coordination of the region’s independent will.

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but can not make the country London pale. From cheap fifa 18 coins economic point of view, the independence of Catalonia for Spain, the more can not afford the weight. Historical cheap fifa 18 coins of Catalonia and Scotland in the early 18th century, and with a larger political body to form a unified country, but the unity of the way fifa coins cheap different. The Scottish cheap fifa 18 coins established the United Kingdom with England by signing the 1707 Joint Act. Catalonia was merged in 1714 for military conquest in the Spanish throne of Philip V. Since then, cheap fifa 18 coins Catalan nationalists have been fighting for freedom and have achieved some autonomy in 1932. However, since the establishment of the dictatorship of cheap fifa 18 coins in 1939, Catalan nationalism has been strongly suppressed, the local system, language, etc. were large-scale denied. hut coins political scholar, nationalist founder cheap fifa 18 coins Anderson defined the nation as an “imagined community”, and historical origins are important ways to “imagine” whether or not they belong to a nation.