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NFL News and Rumors stir Rivalries and reward

NFL News and Rumors stir Rivalries and reward

Two brothers who learned defense from their cancer beating father prepare to meet in primetime. The hottest rivalry in football made NFL news and rumors again while an old dynamic passing combo might see a revival.

Buddy Ryan will ignore cancer to watch New York Jets and Dallas Cowboys

Rex Ryan and Rob Ryan only had to think about their impending clash between the New York Jets and Dallas Cowboys on primetime Sunday. Those thoughts were set aside for the moment when they heard their father, legendary coach Buddy Ryan, was diagnosed with cancer in his salivary glands. It’s not the first time Buddy received this diagnosis. He beat melanoma in 1968 and 1980 and knocked out a different form of it earlier this year. Yet when the 80 year old man who coached the ’85 Bears defense learned he needed surgery, Ryan informed the doctors they would have to postpone the procedure until after he saw his sons go head to head in New York.

Casey Hampton stirs Rivalry between Pittsburgh Steelers and Baltimore Ravens

It seems a tad ironic that nose tackle Casey Hampton of the Pittsburgh Steelers called the Baltimore Ravens “talkers” in an interview that would end up in NFL news and rumors. Still, this is just the latest firecracker tossed into a growing pile. The opening whistle is the match to light it when these two bitter rivals square off in Week 1. Hampton claimed Baltimore players “talked a lot” but it always seemed the Steelers would win the game. The truth is clear. In three playoff games, the Ravens are 0 3 against their hated rival. Whether that changes in 2011 depends on if they can finally solve the riddle of Ben Roethlisberger, who has only lost to Baltimore once since 2007. Either way both teams are out for blood this week.

New Orlans Saints extend Coach Sean Payton through 2015

Fresh off a Super Bowl championship and back to back playoff seasons, the New Orlans Saints rewarded head coach Sean Payton with a contract extension until 2015. Payton brought a mindset of winning to a city and a team ravaged by Hurricane Katrina. In his very first season he and quarterback Drew Brees took a 3 13 team to ten wins and a birth in the NFC Championship game. Saints fans were nervous when Payton moved his family home from New Orlans to Dallas where he was an assistant coach. He quickly put those fears to bed saying the move was a personal decision and then signed his new contract that keeps him in the Big Easy for years to come. If all goes well, Payton could be the first head coach to last a decade in Saints history.

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady would welcome back Randy Moss

Tom Brady knows football is a business as much as it’s a game. Players come and go with each new season. Regardless, the future Hall of Fame quarterback admitted if it were up to him, wide receiver Randy Moss never would’ve left the team last season before retiring in August. Together Brady and Moss formed a tandem that rewrote the NFL record books. In 2007, Brady finished the regular season with a record 50 touchdown passes. Moss caught a record 23 of those. The outspoken wide receiver has made no announcements about a comeback. Anonymous source from his home state of West Virginia claim however that Moss regrets leaving the New England Patriots and would love a second chance with the team. If he does return, then Tom Brady would welcome him back with open arms.

2003 NFL Preview and Super Bowl Prediction

2003 NFL Preview and Super Bowl Prediction

The NFL season kicks off Thursday evening with what promises to be a very interesting matchup. The Washington Redskins upgraded their roster with an off season raid of the New York Jets, and now the boys from Gotham have a chance to dish out a little revenge as the face each other in the nation capital. The program, designed to honor members of America armed forces, will be performed in front of more than over 25,000 troops, and will include performances by Britney Spears, Aerosmith, Mary J. Blige and other music superstars. Special guest Aretha Franklin will sing the national anthem to conclude the concert and officially open the new NFL season. ET and will be followed by the Redskins Jets game.

So with the 2003 NFL season on the verge of commencing, it time to do a little preview and make a couple predictions. Check out each division preview, including a forecast of the final standings in each. Below the division previews, you will find my predictions for the Conference Championship games and the Super Bowl.

The Philadelphia Eagles have owned the NFC East recently, but the Giants might have something to say about that this year. They are a fiery, hungry team that is looking for a run deep into the playoffs, and they have the talent to do it. But don think the Eagles aren a motivated bunch, also, after losing in the NFC Championship game last season.

The Miami Dolphins appeared to be on their way to the playoffs last season before yet another late season collapse that allowed the New York Jets to sneak by them on a tiebreaker. It was an exciting finish, but I don’t expect the same this year. I may be in the minority, but I foresee this division being controlled by one team from beginning to end.

The NFC North is one of the weaker divisions in the league, and it looks like the Packers have to be the favorite going into the season, although each team in the division has serious questions to answer. Watch for the Vikings to give Green Bay a run for their money this year.

One thing teams in the AFC North, and previously in the AFC Central, could always count on was the bungling ways of the Cincinnati Bengals. But the times are changing, and while the AFC North could very well be the worst division in the NFL in 2003, for the most part, all teams appear to be heading in the right direction.