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NFL Star Michael Vick Further Implicated in Illegal Dog Fighting

NFL Star Michael Vick Further Implicated in Illegal Dog Fighting

Michael Vick may not be out of the woods yet, according to investigators. Vick, the NFL star who plays for the Atlanta Falcons, is the owner of a Virginia property where last month more than 60 dogs, many malnourished and showing signs of injury that may be related to illegal dog fighting. Vick’s cousin, who lives on the property, initially took the heat for the dogs, especially when Vick claimed he was never around. “I’m never at the house,” Vick told the Atlanta Journal Constitution. “I left the house with my family members and my cousin. They just haven’t been doing the right thing.”

Kathy Strouse, however, may have witnesses who say otherwise. Strouse, the animal control coordinator for the City of Chesapeake, is investigating the case. On Tuesday, she revealed that she has interviewed at least two individuals who could “put Vick on that property” during dog fights. She says that she is “very confident” Vick will eventually be tied directly to illegal fighting.

Since Vick claimed no guilt in the proceedings on his property, a website using Vick’s name has been discovered. On the website, Vick promotes dog breeding of a specialized pit bull terrier and “the highly intelligent and powerful Presa Canario.” In addition, Sports Illustrated has reported that two of Vick’s friends have admitted that Vick knew of the activities on his property. Additionally, a Norfolk, Virginia, television station reported that Vick purchased syringes often used in dog fighting, according to clerks at a store near the property.

Gerald Poindexter, the Surry County Commonwealth’s Attorney, says that at the moment Vick is viewed as nothing more than a property owner, but that could change if evidence shows him to be involved. While no charges have been filed, Kathy Strouse and Poindexter have set up a meeting to review any new evidence that could lead to indictments.

“I’m not going to be a party to a witch hunt,” Poindexter cautioned, however, saying he does not wish to be the type of attorney who tries a case in the media. “This procession will not be driven by people who hate Michael Vick, love Michael Vick or people who love animals.”

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NFL most disliked players 2013

NFL most disliked players 2013

Another NFL season, another NFL most disliked players list! I guess they don’t have much to write about on some days in the NFL world, so why take a poll and write about who is the most disliked figures in the league?

According to a Washington Post report on Oct. 22, Michael Vick tops the list for 2013 of the most disliked player on the gridiron. Vick will be remembered after he retires more for his abuse on dogs than he will on the field.

Many fans can probably understand why Suh is on the list, but Reggie Bush? He seems like one of the NFL’s good guys. Well, you can’t please everyone! Maybe it’s because of the USC scandal or from hooking up with Kim Kardashian either way Reggie has made the list. The firm looks at E Score, Forbes says, and “measures public opinion of thousands of celebrities based on likeability, awareness, confidence and many other attributes. Pollsters have told us on a few occasions that while Vick scores well with hardcore NFL fans, the casual fan component still identifies him mostly with the legal woes of a few years ago.”