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Nick Rogers Died Former NFL Player and Georgia Tech Star Killed In Car Accident

Nick Rogers Died Former NFL Player and Georgia Tech Star Killed In Car Accident

Colt Former NFL player and Georgia Tech star Nick Rogers is dead. Nick Rogers has been killed in a one car accident. He was only 30 years old with his whole life ahead of him, and now ended suddenly after dying from his injuries sustained in the car crash. Monday when his car hit a utility pole in College Park, near Atlanta.

You will remember Rogers for many things, however it has to be the time he spent (four years) playing in the NFL with Minnesota, Green Bay, Indianapolis and Miami you remember him most for. Colt star dead but his memory will live on.

Nick Rogers untimely death has shocked many. How many more sport celebrities are to die? As of late it is nothing new to tune into the news to hear of a sportsman or someone associated with sport dying.

Rogers started 16 games in each of two years with the Vikings in 2002 03. The next season he was with the Packers for 10 games, the Colts for one. His last NFL season was 2005 three games with the Dolphins. He most recently played for Colorado of the Arena Football League in 2008. The 250 pound linebacker had 16 1/2 sacks as a defensive end at Georgia Tech and was drafted in the sixth round in 2002.

Nick Rogers before his death hadn long married his girlfriend of 10 years. Now she finds herself a widow after being a wife for only a month.

Rogers played one year with the Colts.

Those who knew him well paid tribute to their deceased friend with nothing but kind words. They said “He never actually realized how great of a football player he was. He just had a zest for life that was amazing. He brought us so much laughter, got us through the hard days and the two a day grind of football.

Sadly those people now mourn over the death of a gentle giant

Colt star Nick Rogers is dead after being killed in a car crash. He will not be forgotten because great men regardless of playing good football or not, are always remembered.

Arm bands that I see nfl nba and college athletes wear

Arm bands that I see nfl nba and college athletes wear

With all due respect to the tennis player who has a difficult time with spelling, I doubt he’s ever taken a pro football snap. I have. In addition, I am a fitness trainer. The bands discussed are thin and have no namebrand insignias, so they clearly can’t be due to “sponsor” requirements. It would be like the “secret publicity stunt” joke in the movie, “Rat Race”. In addition, many players, including rookie linesmen making the league minimum and many other players with no endorsement opportunities wear the bands. The tennis player is wrong. So, what are the bands for?

Some speculate, incorrectly, that they are orthopedic in nature used to treat or prevent tendinitis of the epicondyle tendon in the forearm. The band used to “treat” medial or lateral epicondylitis is worn below the elbow on the upper forearm. The bands worn NFL players is usually seen worn either above the elbow or on the upper biceps. Usually, the player has it on both arms and the odds of tendinitis simultaneously on both arms is remote. The armbands were worn initially by Ahman Green, former running back for the Green Bay Packers who had a problem with fumbles several years ago. They have since become somewhat of a fashion statement and are occasionally even worn by linesmen who have virtually no chance of ever running with the ball. You might notice the coincidence of the bands being worn by players with a flair for the dramatic on the field celebrating, acting out, etc. They are made of non absorbant rubber and do absolutely nothing to prevent sweat from rolling down the arm.

Most do not wear the bands to practice, signaling the vanity of their use. All admit that they wear the bands only because they think it looks good, which would be the only plausible reason.

There is absolutely no benefit from a performance standpoint or a medical standpoint, said Ralph Reiff, a certified athletic trainer and director of St. Vincent Sports Performance in Indianapolis. down to middle school. It s purely a fashion statement.

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Things got complicated when he decided to.

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NFL’s Top Five Free Agent Defensive Linemen

NFL’s Top Five Free Agent Defensive Linemen

The big guys who sniff out quarterbacks like coon dogs are fan favorites as well as some of the most highly paid defenders in the NFL and are always wanted and in vogue, no matter how defenses change in the NFL.

This year, the free agent market for big time pass rushers and run stuffers has been depleted drastically, with top free agents around the league getting the franchise tag slapped on them. The designation is designed to slow down movement of players to big money markets, and essentially binds the player to his team for another year, if certain conditions are met.

Players such as Michael Johnson of Cincinnati, Harry Melton of Chicago, Randy Starks of Miami and Anthony Spencer of Dallas all had the franchise tag applied to them, taking them off the free agent auction block in all probability.

Still, with March 12 the start of free agency, quite a bit of talent remains for teams looking for help on the defensive line. Here are my top five free agent defensive linemen.

1. Michael Bennett, DE Tampa Bay BuccaneersGetty Images

Bennett is the top pick because he is both an excellent pass rusher as well as a run defender. He had nine sacks this past season for a sorry defense, a third of the team’s total. He also had 41 tackles and three forced fumbles.

Bennett reportedly has a little agreement with the Bucs in which he will give them a chance to outbid his best offer. The Bucs have a strong incentive to do so.

He was an undrafted free agent in 2009 with Seattle, and the Bucs claimed him off waivers the same year. Since then, he has quietly prospered to the point he is now well regarded around the league.

2. Cliff Avril, DE Detroit LionsGetty Images

Avril is the best pure pass rushers among the free agents. He had 9.5 sacks this past season and 11 the year before that. But, he has a well deserved reputation for being weak against the run. Still, he could be very helpful as a situational player.

Avril has made it know he wouldn’t mind staying in Detroit, but he and the Lions have scarcely met this offseason. He’s been playing on one year contracts the last two years. He and the Lions were reportedly close on a long term contract last year, but the deal did not go through.

3. Richard Seymour, DE/DT Oakland RaidersGetty Images

Seymour’s contract was voided by the Raiders, who are going through something of a youth movement.

He’s a little older now at 33 and coming off an injury to boot, but Seymour is an ideal candidate for a nice, short term contract from a playoff contender with pass rushing needs. He has one of those un measurable assets, leadership. He is also a good run defender a three time All Pro and seven time Pro Bowler.

4. Desmond Bryant DT, OaklandBryant hasn’t received the some of the other, more gaudier players have, but the upside of his potential is there. He filled in more than competently when Seymour went down with injuries, and impressed a lot of NFL people.

He’s solid on both the run and getting to the quarterback. He fits the type players the Raiders want to keep and the word is they will try hard to keep him.

5. Dwight Freeney, DE, IndianapolisFreeney, 33, is another of those “older” players, in NFL years. He got up from a three point stance to standing up last year, going from defensive end to outside linebacker, as the Colts switched to a base 3 4 defense.

He had only five sacks, but that could be attributed to playing out of position. He still has quickness and a variety of fancy, pass rushing moves and a team with a 4 3 defense will take a serious gander at him. Again, a playoff contender with a pass rushing need to fill could be his new home.