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NFL power rankings for Nov

NFL power rankings for Nov

In this week’s NFL power rankings, the Denver Broncos remain in the top spot, closely followed by the Kansas City Chiefs. Joining the Chiefs and Broncos from the AFC (in the top ten) include the New England Patriots, Cincinnati Bengals and Indianapolis Colts. The top ranked NFC team is the Seattle Seahawks, followed by the New Orleans Saints, Carolina Panthers, San Francisco 49ers and Green Bay Packers.

Here in Detroit, our Lions check in at No. 11, which is one spot better than a week ago. The aforementioned Packers are No. 10, the Chicago Bears check in at No. 13 and the Minnesota Vikings round out the NFC North squads at No. 28.

The Philadelphia Eagles rose the furthest from a week ago, moving from No. 19 to No. 14. Meanwhile, both the Miami Dolphins and Atlanta Falcons fell the furthest, five spots each.

Finally, if the 2013 14 NFL Playoffs were to start today, Saints, Seahawks, Lions, Dallas Cowboys, 49ers, Panthers, Patriots, Bengals, Colts, Chiefs, Broncos and New York Jets would be postseason bound.

Should NFL Players like Troy Polamalu Have Long Hair

Should NFL Players like Troy Polamalu Have Long Hair

The NFL’s competition committee is contemplating whether players should be allowed to have long hair that covers the name on the back of their jerseys. Next week they should vote for whether this should be made into a rule. I must say that I really don’t understand this rule. The NFL committee must not have anything else to talk about. There is nothing wrong with players having long hair sprawled out of their helmet. Who cares if it covers their names? People should just look at their number and then find out who they are. Long hair doesn’t affect a player’s performance. Obviously players like Troy Polamalu or Al Harris are very good at what they do. Most people agree with me.

What really is crazy is that there are NFL teams like he Kansas City Chiefs that are actually campaigning for the rule to be put in place. What do they have to gain? Looks like the Chiefs should be worried about improving their mediocre team instead of worrying about a non issue.

The NFL aka “The No Fun League” has always been known to institute stupid rules that really don’t make sense at all. They have banned end zone celebration and have strict unnecessary rules on their uniforms. NFL officials don’t realize that football is entertainment. I am not only tuning into the game on Sunday to watch two teams run, jump, and throw. I also like the other aspects of the game.

The main aspect of NFL games that I like is the player personalities. Can you imagine if all the quarterbacks in the NFL acted like Peyton Manning? What if all wide receivers had the personality of Marvin Harrison? How boring would that be? Like most people, I like seeing what dance Chad Johnson or Terrell Owens might do when they score. I love watching Ray Lewis’s enthusiasm and passion for the game.

Instead of holding players back, the NFL should be promoting individualism. Individualism is what makes sports great. The player’s faces are already covered by helmets. The average fan may recall a players name but may not be able to recall their face. The NFL is trying to make this a league of robots. They must realize that any personality doesn’t hurt the game but it adds to it.

Ever since I was young, I loved to write and debate on various topics. I love to give my opinion and write articles so Associaed Content can help me do that. This game promises to be a pretty decent match up as the Texans are on the rise. 2006 NFL Season Preview: Kansas City ChiefsAs proven by teams in the past, a high powered offense sometimes isn’t enough to carry a team. The 2005 Kansas City Chiefs figured that out.