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2013 NFL Power Rankings Week 2

2013 NFL Power Rankings Week 2

Week 2 of the NFL Power Rankings are out and unless you missed last Thursday night’s NFL opener between the Denver Broncos and Baltimore Ravens or any of the Week 1 live stream or TV action, you know why Peyton Manning, I mean Denver, is the No. 1 ranked team heading into Week 2 of the schedule.

Manning and the Denver Broncos were as good as advertised last week in their opener as they thrashed the defending World Champion Ravens 49 27. Interestingly enough the No. 2 and No. 3 teams in this week’s Power Rankings will meet this weekend, so you know something’s gotta give!

This game is must see TV for NFL fans.

Both teams are among the top five favorites to win the Super Bowl and in a league that only plays 16 regular season games per season every game counts.

There is a bit of shuffling from the Week 1 standings, but my biggest move is the Philadelphia Eagles. They were impressive in their win over Washington on MNF and in my book the rankings are something that should literally go week to week, not a culmination of months or seasons past.

NFL Power Rankings Week 2

NFL Power Rankings Week 2

Denver Broncos (2 0)

(Sung to the tune of “Football on Your Phone”) So you want to beat the Broncos? Well, here’s your chance. ‘Cause without Ryan Clady, Peyton might have to dance. (Note: I also considered going with a “That phone’s not for callin’, it’s for Monte Ballin’,” but it was a dead end.)

You want confidence? Here’s what safety Earl Thomas told The Seattle Times after his team’s Sunday night shellacking of San Francisco: “We knew we could win a game 5 0 because, playing our base stuff, they couldn’t do anything against us.” Seattle tacked on an extra 24 insurance points anyway.

Houston Texans (2 0)

The Texans probably should be 0 2. Instead, they’re 2 0. The main reason they’re this high on the list, though: DeAndre Hopkins. A general consensus over the past couple of seasons has been that the Texans just needed to come up with an Andre Johnson complement to really take off as a team. Hopkins offered up pretty convincing evidence Sunday that the missing piece has been found.

San Francisco 49ers (1 1)

Suffice it to say, Jim Harbaugh probably filed it away in his memory bank that Pete Carroll challenged for a fumble up by 24 with four minutes left Sunday. As the defending NFC champs and with a Week 1 win over Green Bay, San Francisco has bragging rights over the conference . but Seattle’s whooped ’em twice in a row.

Green Bay Packers (1 1)

Washington knocked Eddie Lacy out on Green Bay’s first carry of the game. Aaron Rodgers made them pay for it the rest of the day, throwing for 480 yards and four touchdowns. Had Washington actually been able to stay competitive, Rodgers might have blown by Norm Van Brocklin’s single game record of 554 yards.

New Orleans Saints (2 0)

Say hello to the bizarro Saints. Black is white, up is down, the defense is leading the way, Mark Ingram is . OK, Mark Ingram is still the same plodding back he’s been since 2011. He was stuffed twice (and Pierre Thomas once) on the Tampa Bay goal line just before halftime, a sequence that nearly cost the Saints win No. 2.

Chicago Bears (2 0)

There’s a scene in a Seinfeld episode where Elaine touches a boiling hot plate, even though the diner’s waitress warns her against it. She then tells Puddy not to touch the plate, and he does anyway. That’s basically what kicking to Devin Hester is at this point, be it on kickoffs or punts. Teams know it’s a bad idea but just keep on doing it.

New England Patriots (2 0)

Know how many times Tom Brady threw to Julian Edelman in 2011? Thirteen counting five targets in the playoffs. Edelman saw 32 passes come his direction last season. Last Thursday against the Jets, Brady targeted Edelman 18 times, the clearest evidence yet that the Patriots’ receiver corps is in shambles.

Kansas City Chiefs (2 0)

Don’t look now but the AFC West is a combined 6 2, tied for the best divisional record in football. The odds that all four teams finish at or above .500 are incredibly poor. The chances of Kansas City sticking around all year? A lot better. After Thursday’s tricky game in Philadelphia, the Chiefs are home for four of their next five.

Atlanta Falcons (1 1)

How many games can Atlanta win in the fashion it did Sunday, getting zero rushing yards from Steven Jackson? Well, hopefully for the Falcons, at least a couple more now that Jackson will be sidelined for a bit. Of course, if Julio Jones stays on pace for 2,000 yards, it’ll help.

Miami Dolphins (2 0)

Say hello to the only team holding a 2 0 record away from home. That gives Miami the same number of road wins it had in both 2011 and ’12. On the other hand, the Dolphins won six outside of Miami in 2010 . and missed the playoffs because they went 1 7 at home.

Cincinnati Bengals (1 1)

Anyone paying attention before or after the draft knew that Cincinnati had found a couple of talented pieces in RB Gio Bernard and TE Tyler Eifert. What we were not aware of until Monday is that 322 pound Domata Peko can mash people from the fullback spot. He may be the key to Cincinnati’s short yardage success this season.

Baltimore Ravens (1 1)

Ever watch a really crummy disaster movie, like The Day After Tomorrow, and get to that point where you think, “There’s no way all of this could happen.” That’s the Ravens’ injury list, which Sunday added Ray Rice to a group of walking wounded that already includes Dennis Pitta, Jameel McClain, Jacoby Jones, Aaron Mellette and others.

Dallas Cowboys (1 1)

Congrats to tight end Jason Witten, who passed Shannon Sharpe for second place on the NFL’s all time receiving list at tight end on Sunday. Witten now has 817 receptions, two more than Sharpe. Next up: Tony Gonzalez, who’s currently 432 catches ahead of Witten. That works out to 72 grabs per year, if Witten can match Gonzalez’s longevity by lasting another six seasons.