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the CPI rose about gofifacoins

food prices Rose 1.5%, the CPI rose about 0.03 percentage points of.6 gofifacoins, the other seven kinds of prices are rising year on year. Among them, medical care prices rose 5.7%, mut coins goods and services prices rose 2.8%, gofifacoins, education and cultural entertainment prices rose 2.5%, clothing, daily necessities and services, transport and communication prices Rose 1.4% and 1.1%. 0.1%. all kinds gofifacoins goods and services price changes in June, food alcohol and tobacco prices fell 0.7%, affecting the CPI fell about 0.19 percentage points. Among them, fresh fruit gofifacoins down 4.2%, under the effect of CPI Drop by about 0.08 percentage points; meat prices fell 2.2%, CPI decreased by about 0.10 percentage points (pork prices fell 3.4%, CPI gofifacoins by about 0.09 percentage points); fresh vegetable prices fell 1.1%, fifa 18 coins decreased by about 0.02 percentage points; 0.5% aquatic products prices fell, CPI decreased by gofifacoins 0.01 percentage points; egg prices Rose 4.9%, the CPI rose about 0.02 percentage points of.6 months, the other seven kinds of prices were five up two down. Among them, gofifacoins, culture and entertainment, medical care prices rose 0.3%, housing prices rose 0.2%, supplies and services, other goods and services prices rose 0.1%;