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As a striker, scoring is a tradition. Higuain quickly pointed out the responsibility

As a striker, scoring is a tradition. Higuain quickly pointed out the responsibility, but did not say what it is in the end what needs. Anyone who has ever seen Higuain celebrates the goal should see that the man is enjoying his job. The opponent can be Barcelona can also be Fiorcian, the goal can be in front of light empty door can also be 30 meters away from the burst shot, but in fact his reaction is exactly the same: arms start, eyes wide open, Mouth open roar. Even so, the word, responsibility, or hanging in the air. Higuain is not the kind of person who will refuse the responsibility of his shoulders. When a Le Monde reporter asked him how he had lived in the media spotlight over the years, the striker pointed out that he had been starting to cope with the pressure since he entered the bedline team. I’ve always wanted it, says Higuain. That’s why I play. Those who do not feel the pressure certainly do not like the sport. (Click to buy fifa 18 coins,all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins) Soccer is the constant pressure every day is. You have to know how to live with stress. Higuain is better than most people do. In all the top European leagues, how many players in the past 10 years to continue to show such a killer characteristics? From Real Madrid to Naples and then to Juventus, he year after year to break the striker every two games into the goal of the baseline and even in the Bernabeu that he always as a substitute stage in. You can even say that he will only get better and better. Higuain in the 2015-16 season played a history of Serie A single player the most high-yield season, although the suspension of the absence of three games but scored a total of 36 goals. Since coming to Italy, his Champions League scoring rate has also increased in the Naples and Juventus played 19 games scored 10 goals. Moreover, all these talk about stress (Click to buy fifa 18 coins ps4, all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins) makes people feel that it does not sound like a happy presence. Was it clear that football was as funny as you were conscious of what you were looking for? The idea of ??giving Higuain a burst of nervous laugh. ; Football for me is the world’s biggest change in movement, Higuain said. ; Because you can play seven consecutive games, scored in every game, and then you have two games did not score and you are doing badly. You are in a crisis. But for those who are very strong in their own field, that is what happens, is not it? Everyone is used to seeing you into a lot of balls, and then when you do not score two games when they are very surprised. This is actually a very good thing, very cute. So, as I said, for me football has been changing. But yes, still very interesting. This is a very external answer: the emphasis on the reaction of others above, rather than his own experience on the pitch. Maybe we need to re-box the problem. After all, we already know that even if the ball can always be sent to the net nest, Higuain or by some criticism. So the beauty of football in the end is to play itself is still winning it? ; For me, is to win, Higuain replied. ; Obviously, if you play well and win, it’s much better. But played well but did not win, in the end did not give you anything left. Holding three La Liga trophies, winning a trophy in Serie A, plus a variety of cups in Italy and Spain, Higuain is basically not a trophy. However, when we talk about victory, you can hardly ignore how close it is to the award of the award. Over the past three and a half years, Higuain in the World Cup final, the Champions League final and 2 America Cup final defeat. These are the team’s defeat, not the individual, but along the way he did miss the opportunity, and this will make everything more difficult for him to swallow. Think about it can happen but will not make him upset? Has he ever thought that he might have been cursed in the most important games? His answer is firm and short.
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Barcelona this season, scoring over a hundred

Barcelona this season, has scored 102 goals in all competitions.
In Barcelona this season, 34 games, a total of 17 players broke.
Barcelona this season, scoring over a hundred
The new San Mames stadium after 5 to 2 victory over Athletic Bilbao, Barcelona goals in all competitions has over 100 balls. Barcelona this season, scored 62 goals in the league, scored 25 goals in the King’s Cup, scored 15 goals in the Champions League. Enrique’s team scored 102 goals in a total of 34 games, this figure means that they averaged more than three goals scored. In addition, it has been 17 players Ming Basa broke.
Messi, Neymar and Pedro leading scorer
Argentine striker is the top scorer in Barcelona, he scored a total of 32 goals in all competitions. Barcelona on the 10th in the league, scored 23 goals, scored two goals in the King’s Cup, scored 8 goals in the Champions League. It is worth bearing in mind that this season, Messi has twice reached the milestone. In La Liga, Messi surpass Sarah became the top scorer in La Liga history, but in the Champions League, the Argentine striker Raul beyond history to become the top scorer in the Champions League with Fifa Coins.
Compared with last season, goals Neymar has improved significantly, the Brazilian striker has scored in all competitions this season, 23 goals. Pedro has been in the King’s Cup and scored 10 league goals.
Young players make a significant contribution
Barca still adapt the tactical system Suarez scored six goals this season. Uruguay striker at Barcelona 3-1 Champions League victory over Paris Saint-Germain and locked top the group scored the important goal.
Sandro, Munir and Adama for the first team this season, scored seven goals. And Lionel Messi, Neymar and Suarez as Sandro is one of a handful of energy in the league, cup and Champions League to break the King of Spain players.

Saints cut Fut Coins United

Saints cut Fut Coins United apart at will in the match’s middle third, Koeman employing Steven Davis to fine effect in front of the back four. Davis completely overshadowed the ineffective Marouane Fellaini, helping Saints shrug off the injury absences of Morgan Schneiderlin, Toby Alderweireld and Jack Cork.

But ominous starts do not come more concerning than gifting a striker of Van Persie’s calibre the opening goal. Saints captain Fonte’s woefully under-hit backpass cleared the way for the lurking Dutchman, and the 31-year-old calmly slid the ball home, between Fraser Forster’s legs.