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NFL announces week 17 Flex Schedule

NFL announces week 17 Flex Schedule

on FOX. Eastern on FOX.

Most markets will see four Sunday afternoon games (two on CBS and two on FOX) plus the NBC Sunday night game with the NFL Week 17 double doubleheader schedule, which was introduced in 2006. on CBS and DirecTV 719

St. on NBC

The NFL uses scheduling on Sundays in Weeks 11 17 to ensure quality matchups in all NFL Sunday time slots.

In other NFL news.

Alright, you blokes! Get your passports and the fish and chips ready, guvernor!

The NFL confirmed the dates for the previously announced International Series games in London next season, featuring an unprecedented six teams playing in the UK in 2014. fans a fourth game window on an NFL Sunday for the first time while allowing a global audience to tune in at a new, earlier time.

are excited about playing three regular season games in the UK for the first time and debuting a new game time that we expect to be a hit with fans on both sides of the Atlantic and around the world, said Mark Waller, NFL chief marketing officer.

All International Series games will be played at Wembley Stadium and are broadcast live in the UK on Channel Four and Sky Sports.

Oakland will host Miami in Week 4 on Sunday, September 28. Atlanta hosts Detroit in Week 8 on Sunday, October 26 and Jacksonville makes its second trip across the big pond as they will host the Dallas in Week 10 on Sunday, November 9. That means for those of you plotting the bye weeks, Oakland and Miami will have bye in week 5, Atlanta and Detroit have byes in week 9 and Jacksonville and Dallas have byes in week 11.

All games will be played at London Wembley Stadium. Game times will be announced at a later date. The 2014 schedule will be announced sometime in April.

NFL Playoff Schedule 2011 to Get Even Wilder

NFL Playoff Schedule 2011 to Get Even Wilder

The NFL playoff schedule 2011 already has a high bar set. Since the NFL playoff schedule 2011 began with two big upsets, no one knows what to expect anymore. But because there were two major surprises yesterday, it may give hope for today’s underdogs to pull through. It would help Kansas City, as they are home underdogs just like Seattle was, albeit not as heavily. For Green Bay and Philadelphia, they can each claim to be underdogs in their showdown. But as the NFL playoff schedule ends for wild card weekend, it is clear anything can happen now. Both the NFC and AFC were severely shaken up yesterday, now that the Saints and Colts are gone. With two less major challengers to worry about, today’s teams have a slightly clearer road to the Super Bowl, yet they still have to win themselves.

Day 2 of the NFL playoff schedule 2011 starts in Kansas City at 1 pm, as the Chiefs take on the Ravens. Despite winning the AFC West, and having a 7 1 home record, the Chiefs aren’t being strongly considered for a win. Then again, neither were the Seahawks and Jets.

For the Ravens, they come in at 12 4, but they have been distracted in recent days. With Ed Reed’s brother missing, the team and their defensive star are playing with heavy hearts. Yet that may make them more inspired to come out swinging especially since they would face the hated Steelers next.

At 4:30 pm, the end of the NFL playoff schedule 2011 for wild card weekend should set off a few fireworks. The Packers and Aaron Rodgers visit the Eagles and Michael Vick, in another case of a road team being favored over the hosts.

The fortunes of both teams have turned around in the last two weeks, as the Packers have soared with Rodgers back, and the Eagles have become an uncertain contender. Since the Packers have a top defense, and the Eagles’ offensive line is in tatters, fans are crossing their fingers that Vick can survive tonight.

This game will officially complete the NFL playoff schedule 2011 for the second round. If the Eagles win, they will visit Chicago for the second time, and send the Seahawks to Atlanta. If the Packers prevail, they would face the Falcons instead, while the Bears take on the Seahawks. Despite Seattle’s upset, the Bears may want to face them more than the Eagles and would therefore have to root for the Packers for once.

After the way both games turned out yesterday, today’s battles have a lot to live up to. Although the Ravens are still favored, and the Packers are a popular upset pick, conventional wisdom has been thrown out the window already.

Whether the second day of the NFL playoff schedule is as thrilling as day 1, it will start at 1 pm est on CBS, and then at 4:30 pm est on FOX.

Bleacher Report “Baltimore Ravens, Philadelphia Eagles, Ed Reed and Sunday’s Top NFL News”

Published by Robert Dougherty

NFL Playoff Schedule 2011 to Favor Road Teams?Home field advantage has often meant little in the NFL playoffs lately.