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will slowly move the developing countries and to support the BRIC mechanism all over buy fifa 18 coins world the people, it is a mechanism for deepening the BRICs and non BRIC countries extensive buy fifa 18 coins. “Therefore, the BRIC countries should improve the international monetary system, strengthen coordination and cooperation in multilateral mechanisms.” seminar 3: buy fifa 18 coins China experience that the BRIC countries closer Guinea’s president Cont: please believe Africa! With the Internet, the digital economy, sharing the rapid economic development, buy fifa 18 coins the transformation and upgrading of traditional economy. This transformation, a series of innovation, they cannot do nhl 18 coins. Information and communication buy fifa 18 coins, and Chinese economic transformation experience, provide the experience of the BRIC countries. Africa will become a free trade area, how to promote trade exchanges? “The buy fifa 18 coins of Guinea Cont said that the construction of energy and infrastructure is the madden coins problem facing Africa, hope to have partners to participate in energy construction buy fifa 18 coins Africa. In addition,

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services and capital flow program proposal and the BRIC countries are fifa 18 ultimate team coins it,” on the one hand, agree without prior without previous consultation, The Belt and Road “the implementation fifa 18 ultimate team coins proposed BRICs platform, also become a model to expand economic cooperation agreement, the possibility of concrete. In addition, Kalanta Jef said fifa 18 ultimate team coins the current discussion of the twenty group of countries, the first reference is the results of the study of Western experts. He madden 18 coins that BRICs countries, fifa 18 ultimate team coins on the joint study of experts from 5 countries, should take a unified stand on issues under the framework of the group of twenty. In addition, strengthening fifa 18 ultimate team coins and cooperation with other madden mobile coins for sale countries is also one of the developing directions of the brics. Kalanta Jef said, with other developing countries to fifa 18 ultimate team coins more extensive partnerships, implementation of the “BRIC +” mode,

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breaking the imbalance in global development coins fifa of collaborative mode second. Let G20 be the power source, the global continuous development, solve the problem of global governance coins fifa be globally in-depth cooperation and build a world innovation system under the G20 mechanism, promote economic cooperation in global governance aspects. Third, let coins fifa become the hub of the global governance system, the top-level design gradually establish normalized coordination network, G7 communication, BRIC the United Nations coins fifa countries, a variety of mechanisms. He put forward “The Belt and Road” issue into the G20 cooperation category, G20 process provided in the global scope For a broader coins fifa and strong power, make G20 become the global governance body. The executive director of the Renmin University of China Chongyang Institute of finance, buy mut coins director of coins fifa centre for the study of global governance Wang Wen G20 research report made a speech. He believes that there are five characteristics of this year’s G20 transition year. coins fifa, G20 2017 is the overall economic growth target concept the year of second, which is G20 by the crisis to fifa 18 ut coins long-term governance mechanism of the transformation of the year.