such as the Thunder wind like to suppress the rocket

Rocket start or slow, on the contrary thunder continued on a, such as the Thunder wind like to suppress the rocket, Robertson hit three points after the Westbrook jumper, 13-5. Anderson made two fouls in the foul, Harden also hit the porcelain two free throws. But the Thunder followed by 6 points, the two points widened to double digits. The Rockets tried to fight back, but the Thunder firmly in nba coins 2k17 of the game, Westbrook made two free throws after Abrilion hit three points, Harden was Robertson cover, Fortunately, inside the two free throws, Harden raid The basket With the Ariza’s 2 + 1, the Rockets first section with 22-26 behind.

As a bench ruthless, Williams Festival set off counterattack, he made a foul outside the penalty 3, the individual raid added 2 points, 29-30. Grant storm succeeded, Anderson finished tipped. After the two sides began to tug of war, the score alternately rose, the rocket several times the gap narrowed to 1 point, but always unable to complete overtake. The contrary Thunder use of the advantages of the inside, and gradually spread the buy nba coins. Within the storm was hands to stop, small Gordon hit three points. Half of the line will be the end of the first hit the first hit, Harden arc top three points after the vote, Wei less grabbed the rebound, half there will be three pairs of nba mt buy, the Thunder to 58-54 continue to lead.

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