only limited to naked data comparison then nba coins the series of individuals to play

If the meaning of MVP, only limited to naked data comparison, then from the nba coins of individuals to play, Wei less undoubtedly better than Harden. But if the spot response, activation teammates, tactical execution, these intangible factors taken into account, Harden has a different temperament.
5 games series, Harden was indeed guarded, the efficiency of decline, but during this nba coins, he was able to smart grasp nba coins opponent’s urgent attitude, the rational use of the rules, through their best at making foul tactics to sweep scores. 5 field series, Harden averaged 14.6 free throws to create a career high. In the case of outside projection is not allowed, Harden can also use the layup, the cast way of attack, the series before the 4 war, Harden two-point shooting rate of 57.8%, efficiency amazing.

In addition, Harden will take the initiative to observe the fate of nba coins, feel, for nba2k mt to create opportunities. Rocket characters players have been able to take turns in the series, and the beard of the tandem organization is nba coins. In contrast, the prestige is always in the fall of a storm on board, lack of changes in the rhythm. This point, with the advance of the buy 2k mt, was enlarged more and more obvious.

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