Nissan Qashqai test run

Concentrated 1.6 DIG-T -filled full capacity sized gasoline engine opening Qashqai collection in the spring. Previously, gasoline w were available only in 115-horsepower 1.2-liter turbo engine.
Little-turbo outperformed the previous supercharged coming and going, but thin low end torque has been the weakness of the small turbo. The new 1.6-liter turbocharged 163-horsepower gasoline engine runs smoothly downward carriage movement since, although the peak torque of up to only close to three tons.
Force is, however, highly available, even when you have to go past a logging truck on highway 4.
All in all, it is Qashqaissa engine, it should be kept from the beginning.
Tehoistaan despite Qashqaita not be considered as a game. In the test run flow of water burned 6.5 – 7 liters pace in mixed driving. access to the highway near the plant reported readings engine parts uk.
Manual Transmission sitting on a turbo engine right in essence, but it would be interesting to taste the suitable machine in high-torque turbo pair.
Qashqai is its size to an icon and a benchmark for all other car models.
Turbo I drove, I tried to analyze the reasons Qashqai success. The reasons I found: the right size, versatility and appearance pleasing.
The function is also very well thought out. Cruise control works easily on top of the steering wheel buttons. Speed limit signs monitor is picked up by the camera is always right and the left wisely displayed in the instrument cluster turbo suppliers uk.
Speed camera warnings , although the navigator view is not switched on anyone. Thanks for that.
Size and characteristics with respect to the price is very right. Featured version fit well into the company cars to the map about EUR 30 000, but a private buyer gets the right model for approximately EUR 23 000.
Ajoltaan car is one half the casinos. It does not have a tighter structure best competitors, but mainly driving comfort, steering feel good enough, and the use of space spectacular coilovers for sale. The result is a smooth and sure enough convincing. When the use of space, features and appearance are the Finnish taste right, so the success of the recipe works.

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