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Pony Linebacker Edwin – Jackson died in a car accident

The Super Bowl is not the madden coins only thing worth watching on Sunday.The 26-year-old colt linebacker Edwin Jackson was hit by a driver suspected of drunk driving on Sunday morning to rescue the invalid. Jeffrey Monroe, a 54-year-old Uber driver with him, also failed to survive. According to the madden 18 coins for sale Indiana Police Department, Jackson and Uber drivers stand next to a vehicle parked on Interstate 70’s emergency shoulder mut 18 coins and a driver’s pickup, Alex Gonsales’ pickup, To two people.


After Gonzalez, 37, tried to flee the scene on foot, but was captured by a police officer. Police said Gonzalez is not only drunk driving, and there is no legal driver’s license. The colt soon issued an obituary: “Edwin-Jackson is heartbreaking to leave our message forever. All members of the colt love Edwin, his outward-looking character, the spirit of active competition, and the determination to work diligently Respected, and everyone who has had him will like him, and the pony club will miss him forever, and we also learn that another gentleman has lost his life as a result of the accident Sincere condolences to their families and their families. ”


Jackson grew up in Atlanta, served as a kicker and kicker in high school in addition to the linebacker, and won the Wrestling Championship. He entered the NFL as a draft pick and came to the pony after spending some time with the Cardinals, playing all 16 regular-season games for the Pony in the 2016 season. Injury in 2017 into the injury reserve list.

Steelers Steelers still need auxiliary to walk

On Sunday, hut 18 coins there were two news reports about the current status of Ryan Shazier, the linebacker, the details of which are quite different. Shazil suffered a severe spinal injury in December and he said he still has a long recovery.


The hut 18 coins buy first report comes from ESPN correspondent Adam Schefter, who said Shazil “has started a regular walking route.” However, according to other sources, Shaqir still needed assistance when he walked. Shaquille is still wearing leggings, based on social media pictures, and needs to walk with the aid of quarterback Ben Roethlisberger.


The second hut coins report comes from NBC correspondent Michele Tafoya, which is closer to the actual situation and has also been confirmed by Shazir himself. We hope Shaqir will recover as soon as possible and resume normal walking ability as soon as possible.

private enterprises bondara discount code take the initiative

Today, private enterprises take the initiative in the bondara discount code of the Yangtze River Delta, in addition to their own development needs, but also added bondara discount code sense of urgency and sense of mission. “In different regions of Zhejiang, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Anhui and the Yangtze River Delta, the industrial resource endowments are bondara discount code the same, and how to optimize the portfolio is what enterprises can promote and create value. Only when regional resources are more efficient and faster to bondara discount code, enterprises In the view of Guo Guangchang, buymobiles discount code future competition will be between urban agglomerations and urban agglomerations. Enterprises will bondara discount code the integration of the Yangtze River Delta region and enhance the competitiveness of regional urban agglomerations, as well as enhance their competitiveness. bondara discount code, Su, Anhui, or Shanghai businessmen, is I have you, you have me. Shanghai has 600,000 Zhejiang merchants, covering over 500 fields such as finance, bondara discount code technology, intelligent miss pap discount, bio-health, fashion culture, real estate tourism and precision chemical industry.