Comes the first match of FIFA 15

It will take place at the Complejo La Via on Sunday August 16 and fifa coins will be played on PlayStation 3. There will be cash prizes and trophies for the best.

Many times on Sundays become tedious and boring, joined the activities to enjoy are often similar. For that reason those interested are invited to participate in the first match of FIFA 15 for PS3 (PlayStation 3).

The event will be held at the barbecue Complex Via Sunday August 16th from 14 hours and is aimed at players of all ages. It will be held by group and then direct phase according to the data provided by the organization disposal.

They also indicated that the tournament will host a limited number of participants who must pay a registration fee of 120 pesos each. The prizes for the best gamers will be in cash plus trophies and full registration for the next edition.

Note that each player should approach your joystick or control, to prevent breakage or mechanical failure.

Those interested can contact us. You can also register through Facebook in “” or in the facilities of utfifas, in Candelaria and Olascoaga.

the role switch freely between senior officials

All walks of life called rs 2007 for many years of the central rate of executive pay reform has finally landed. From New Year on January 1, 72 central enterprises begin to implement the new salary scheme. Hong Kong “Ta Kung Pao” 4th analysis, landing the first day of the new year the central enterprises who pay reform is “the problem ran out” in response to social expectations and concerns, highlighting the commitment to reform and the efforts of the best proof for this year’s reform and opening a good start.
December 30, 2014, the central deep change group held its eighth meeting on the reform achievements made over the past year inventory, some discussion for many years, greater resistance to change, for years bite does not move to hoe. Central enterprises who pay reform would fall into this category.
Analysts said, after 30 years of reform, have been part of a good change to get rid of the rest are bones, on which the SOE reform is a very hard, and enterprises who pay hard in the reform is hard.
Logically speaking, property rights reform, corporate mergers and acquisitions, compared to the like, pay reform from the operational level, this is a technical difficulty minimal. The reason often implemented not move, just touch the core interests of its structure adjustment. Some central enterprises total revenue exceeds ten million person-years, not only in Shanghai and executives of listed companies is much higher than the average salary, and some even several times the average wage of the employees, a hundred times, a lot of public opinion.
The article says that the central enterprises responsible person who is a dual majority, multiple identities, both corporate managers, but also government officials, high salaries, high treatment, the identity of the role switch freely between senior officials and executives, in political and economic benefits of treatment among both ways. However, this multiple roles for enterprise reform has brought a lot of responsibilities are not clear negative impact.
Central enterprises enterprise identity can excuse to escape the constraints of party officials supervised; and sometimes again Party and identity, engage in activities incompatible with corporate positioning. The investigation of corruption Central heavy oil Jiang Jiemin, China Resources Song Lin, etc., have characteristics in this regard.
The view that, starting from executive compensation to promote the reform of state-owned enterprises globally, is to seize the key, touch the heart. Enterprises officials are specific operator SOE reform, first straighten out their responsibilities clear, salary, role, will it be possible to implement other reforms.
Analysis indicated that Chinese state-owned enterprises over the past few years, an important reason for delays not before, it is because the reform of enterprises who pay for a piece of “Hard” bypass take away the fear and attitude far, resulting in no substantial progress in other reform delays .
2014, in the central co-ordinating the deployment of deep reform group under the command of reform Kenyinggutou, involving rapids, over deep water. The fourth meeting of the Panel considered deep change “is mainly responsible for the central management of enterprises pay system reform program”, August 29 Politburo meeting adopted the program.
To carry out this reform, the State has become a deepening of state-owned enterprises who pay system reform leading group head of the Deputy Prime Minister Ma Kai, State Councilor Wang Yong, deputy head, members of the unit covers the SASAC, NDRC, Ministry of Finance, the Central Organization Department, Human Resources and Social Ministry, State Administration of Taxation, the Ministry of Industry, China Banking Regulatory Commission. Ma Kai, the State Department in charge of industry, transportation, finance, Wang Yong had long been in charge of the SASAC, they jointly lead, it is to form a joint force to steer the reform forward.
The article points out, by the end of 2014 Central Economic Work Conference emphasized promoting SOE reform issues to be ran. Floor New Year’s Day of central enterprises who pay reform is the problem ran to respond to social expectations and concerns, highlighting the commitment to reform and efforts to best proof for this year’s reform and opening to a good start.

some provinces started preliminary investigation

Pension market and eso gold This investment approach after the formal introduction of the pension market will enter a substantive stage of operation.
In addition to Guangdong, Shandong and other provinces in the early to enter the market have been the pilot, the accumulated surplus of Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Beijing and other provinces and cities over seven billion dollar pension market will become big hits.
Tsinghua University, Employment and Social Security Research Center director Yang Yan Sui told the “First Financial Daily” interview, said that if the smooth introduction of the specific operation of the program, the official pension market during the year is a high probability event, but the number of capital markets for the market need not have too high expectations, failed to reach the expected 600 billion yuan of funds into the stock market in the short term.
“Pension funds from provincial cities and counties to fund collection difficult, takes a long time to complete.” Yang Yan Sui said.
Asymptotic market
June 29 by the Human Resources and Social Ministry buy eso gold of Finance in conjunction with other departments drafting of the “investment approach” to the public for comments, July 13 to seek the end of the comments.
“First Financial Daily” from the stakeholders understand that formal “investment approach” will be introduced in the near future, the current number of pension fund accumulated surplus of more provincial pension market has already done the preparatory work, preliminary 100 billion dollar market in Guangdong Province is working with relevant departments to discuss the matter further increase investment, and some provinces started preliminary investigation and system debugging.
Human Resources and Social Ministry announced late last month for the first time outside the basic pension insurance fund accumulated surplus of the Province of the data. By the end of 2014, the national total surplus of over 100 billion yuan in Guangdong, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Beijing, Shandong, Sichuan, Liaoning, Shanghai, Shanxi nine provinces. The nine provinces and the accumulated surplus totaled 2.0291 trillion yuan, accounting for 66.3% of all the accumulated balances.
Among them, Guangdong Province,buy eso gold the accumulated surplus of up to 512.8 billion yuan, the largest cumulative surplus provinces, accounting for one sixth of the national total. More than 200 billion yuan in the province of Jiangsu (279.3 billion yuan), Zhejiang (263.2 billion yuan), Beijing (216.1 billion yuan). The amount of accumulated surplus – between 100 billion to 200 billion Shandong (193.3 billion yuan), Sichuan (192.7 billion yuan), Liaoning (128.9 billion yuan), Shanghai (126.2 billion yuan), Shanxi (116.9 billion yuan).
Guangdong and Shandong as a pilot pension market and has come up with 100 billion yuan each has commissioned the National Social Security Fund Council investment operations.

In addition to the above guild wars 2 cheap gold

In addition to the above products, day game also said that the image in the booth design has plans to build an guild wars 2 cheap gold interactive entertainment platform, let the business channel guild wars 2 cheap gold can interact in the elegant environment, experience high-quality goods guild wars 2 cheap gold. Believe that in 2015 on ChinaJoy, day the game will bring us more splendid!
“About day’s game”
Guangdong star-light days billiton interactive guild wars 2 cheap gold co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as day’s game), founded in 2000, is the splendor of interactive entertainment co., guild wars 2 cheap gold., a wholly owned subsidiary (stock code: guild wars 2 cheap gold ). Splendor of interactive entertainment content is committed to develop into a set research and development, operating and industry integration in the integration of guild wars 2 cheap gold type company, efforts to expand the interactive entertainment industry ecosystem.
Day’s game is a collection research and development, guild wars 2 cheap gold, domestic and overseas all-around development comprehensive platform game. In 2015, the day’s game will continue to adhere to the hatch + + research + alone generation investment mode to create high quality products, and the layout of the IP will deepen cooperation, integration of distribution resources, multi-angle cut guild wars 2 cheap gold the development of transport and overseas market, build high-quality goods game service platform, gw2 gold find became the first camp game development and distribution industry enterprises.